11 most common gallbladder cancer symptoms

11 Gallbladder Cancer Symptoms And Signs

(Last Updated On: February 10, 2018)

This an Detailed Article On Gallbladder Cancer Symptoms, this article include detailed information about each signs and symptoms of gallbladder cancer listed below, so read the article till the end.

Gallbladder cancer can be quite tough to diagnose. it is so because it doesn’t cause symptoms while still in the earlier stages.

Thus sometimes by the time you’re already aware that it’s there, cancer could already be in more advanced stages.

On getting diagnose, it’ll spread to the areas around your gallbladder.

When making examinations, doctors could find it difficult to feel if your gallbladder is either tender or swollen.

This is because this organ is deep within your body.

It is quite tough to feel as it is behind the organs. Usually, plenty of early-stage gallbladder cancers happens without reason.

Such a case would be when somebody has their gallbladder taken out in the removal of gallstones. There are several symptoms of gallbladder cancer.

It happens at advanced stages of the disease. The difficult part is, the symptoms of gallbladder cancer may appear as symptoms of other diseases.

So, once you experience these, consult your doctor. All this will increase the possibilities of getting a successful treatment.

1) Frequent Abdominal Pain and Tenderness

frequent abdominal pain : gallbladder cancer symptoms

Abdominal pain is usually one of the first warning sign of gallbladder cancer.

it’s also a symptom of lots of various kinds of illnesses and diseases.

you might complain about frequent aching on the right side of your abdomen otherwise you might feel slight tenderness after you touch the area.

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Some individuals would describe the ache as more of a dragging feeling instead of actual pain.

It happens when gallstones or cancer blocks bile duct.

It would possibly provide a sharper abdominal pain. once you do feel a sharp or intolerable plain, you must see a doctor.

2) Bloating in your Abdominal Area

bloting in abdominal area : gallbladder cancer symptoms

At some point or another, you’ll have experienced temporary occurrences of bloating in your abdominal area.

Once you are bloated, your stomach feels full and tight.

A bloated abdomen creates an uncomfortable feeling that’s hard to explain.

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Bloating is a symptom of gallbladder cancer, and it’s caused by intestinal gas and abnormalities.

If you experience frequent and prolonged bouts of bloating, contact your doctor.

3) Yellowness is your eyes and skin

jaundice : gallbladder cancer symptoms

This is one of the symptoms of the gallbladder cancer that occur when bile salts build up in the blood.

when cancer blocks the common bile duct, the bile doesn’t drain into the bowels because it would usually do.

When this happens, the bile salts can begin to build up in your body tissues and your blood.

Again, more than half of the people diagnosed with this type of cancer have jaundice.

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When this happens, your skin and the whites of your eyes can begin to appear yellow, and your skin could begin to itch.

Not only that, your urine could become darker and your stool much paler than usual.

4) Increase in size of gallbladder

increase in size of gallbladder : gallbladder cancer symptoms

This is one of the scariest and most painful symptoms of gallbladder cancer.

What occurs is, the gallbladder starts to fill up with the bile, because cancer blocks bile duct.

It starts to swell and end up enlarged. In such case, the doctor could be able to feel the enlargement during a physical examination.

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It’s easier to detect when the enlargement is already severe. But, there is a better chance for it to see if you have an ultrasound scan.

Regular checkups ensure that on having diseases or illnesses, you’ll acknowledge it. so the treatment begins at the early stage of gallbladder cancer.

5) Lump in Abdominal Area

Lump in Abdominal Area : gallbladder cancer symptoms

An abdominal lump may be large or small. depending on the cause of the lump, it may be hard or soft.

you’ll be able to detect an abdominal lump if your stomach protrudes. you can also feel an abdominal lump if you press on your stomach area.

Causes of abdominal lumps include injury, hernias, and gallbladder cancer.

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If you have an abdominal lump that is related to gallbladder cancer, your surgeon could remove it or shrink it with radiation therapy.

6) Weight Loss

Weight Loss : gallbladder cancer symptoms

A lot of individuals usually try to lose or maintain their ideal weight through a healthy diet and regular exercise.

when you’re either gradually or rapidly losing weight, without even trying, it may be a symptom of gallbladder cancer.

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This weight loss is usually caused by another symptom, that is the loss of appetite. Losing weight, although you haven’t created any changes to your diet, might be a symptom of the disease.

7) Vomiting or Nausea

vomiting and nausea : gallbladder cancer symptoms

Much like the loss of appetite, the sensation of nausea or vomiting isn’t normal.

These symptoms indicate towards a variety of other illnesses despite gallbladder cancer. you may feel nauseated without cause.

you will begin vomiting, again without any cause. when this happens, it’s not only uncomfortable, however, it will leave you weak and drained.

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Being one of the symptoms of a severe disease it’ll be a decent plan to check with your doctor.

8) Fever

fever : gallbladder cancersymptoms

Having fever is one of the most common types of illnesses.

Fever in itself is already a health problem. If the fever keeps on coming back and you don’t see any other obvious cause for it.

There could also be something more serious happening inside your body.

This is the time for you to examine with your doctor and have completely different tests taken.

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Fever can be a symptom of plenty of various illnesses that you should not ignore.

9) Severe Itchiness in skin

Itching In Skin : gallbladder cancer symptoms

Every person who is diagnosed with gallbladder cancer doesn’t exhibit the same symptoms.

There are other less common symptoms that are related to gallbladder cancer like itchy skin.

This condition happens as a results of an accumulation of bile in your body.

This symptom may come alongside with jaundice and will even be a symptom of it.

Severe itchiness happens once there are not any rashes or hives on your body, however you feel itchy. Also, you’d have to determine first if you have any allergies.

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Before you begin to panic, check if you came into contact with something.

this can cause you to feel itchy. when the itchiness caused by allergy eliminates, look for other causes or diagnoses.

10) Black, Tarry or Greasy Stool And Dark Urine

dark urine : gallbaldder cancer symptoms

On finding blockage by bile duct cancer, it implies that the liver ceases to perform. it’s a significant effect.

The urine and stools could begin to deviate and change the look from the usual.

you’ll begin seeing very dark urine, black, and tarry or greasy stool.

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When you see this, it should already be cause for alarm, and you must rush to your doctor now.

These excretions signify that you are suffering from a more serious disease. So, treat it yourself.

11) Unexplained Sick Feeling

feeling sick : gallbladder cancer symptoms

If you’re used to feeling well, you’ll become afraid after you feel sick without any explanation.

As gallbladder cancer progresses, you would possibly begin to feel a general malaise in your body.

This general sick feeling may result in vomiting, anorexia, weight loss, depression, and fatigue.

If your doctor diagnoses you with gallbladder cancer, you may prescribe medicine that will increase your feeling of wellness.


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