11 most common liver cancer symptoms

11 Common Liver Cancer Symptoms And Signs

(Last Updated On: February 9, 2018)

This is an detailed article on liver cancer symptoms, this article include detailed information on each symptoms of liver cancer, so read the article till end.

Liver Cancer happens when the healthy cells inside this organ assume an unnatural and anomalous appearance and behavior.

though many factors could increase one’s vulnerability to liver cancer, alcoholism, hepatitis B and hepatitis care acknowledged being the leading causes.

According to international statistics, live cancer rates second in terms of death-causing malignant tumors.

fortunately, many types of treatment options are offered for this condition through the suitability differs from case to case relying upon the type of tumor, how far cancer has spread, the condition of the liver and patient’s general health.

Following is a list of 11 early signs and symptoms of liver cancer :

1) Swelling in Abdominal

Swelling in Abdominal : liver cancer symptoms

Abdominal swelling is a most distinctive symptom of liver cancer, once cancer cells affect the liver and close area, they will cause changes in blood vessels and lymph nodes, resulting in a build-up of fluid.

This swelling is known as ascites and features a hard, protruding abdomen.

The backup of fluids are often explained in a number of ways: the cancer cells could have spread to the abdominal lining and irritated the tissue, the cells could have increased pressure within the veins that drain through the liver, or they will begin to block the lymphatic system.

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In any case, ascites won’t go away by itself, whether or not it’s caused by cancer – you’ll need to have your doctor drain the fluid away.

2) Increase in Size Of Liver

Increase in Size Of Liver : liver cancer symptoms

In more advanced stages of liver cancer, the liver or spleen could become enlarged thus making them physically apparent on the outside on touching.

an enlarged liver is evident as a mass below the ribs on the right side of the body. an enlarged spleen is felt as a mass below the ribs on the left side of the body.

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Several conditions will cause your liver to grow beyond its normal proportions, therefore this doesn’t necessarily indicate cancer.

However, a more defined mass that’s firm to the touch might be a tumor and demands immediate attention.

3) Yellowing Skin and Eyes Or Jaundice

jaundice : liver cancer symptoms

People with liver cancer might develop jaundice that entails a yellowish hue to the skin and whites of the eyes. It happens when there’s an excess of a yellow-orange substance in one’s blood known as bilirubin.

bilirubin is present in the red blood cells and upon their death, is filtered out of the blood by the action of the liver.

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once the liver has a malignant tumor in it, it’s going to gradually lose the capacity to filter out bilirubin, therefore giving the body a yellowish tinge.

4) Pain In Abdominal

pain in abdominal : liver cancer symptoms

There is not much pain and discomfort in early stages of liver cancer, however as the disease progresses and the tumor grows, you’ll begin to notice some pressure and pain within the right side of your upper abdomen.

In some cases, the pain is in the right shoulder blade: called referred pain, this happens when the liver begins to press on the nerves beneath the diaphragm that link to the nerves in the shoulder.

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The pain could also be constant or it could come back and go, and sometimes it’s only a mildly uncomfortable sensation.

when pressure on the diaphragm is involved, chronic hiccups will come with the pain.

5) Loss Of Hunger

Loss of Appetite : liver cancer symptoms

Food aversions and less inclination to eat meals isn’t that uncommon – everything from a virus to stress will drain your appetite for a time.

However, an ongoing loss of appetite will signal a problem along with your metabolism or the organs surrounding your stomach.

In the case of liver cancer, the enlarged liver will begin to press on the stomach, leaving you with a feeling of fullness even after intake a very small amount.

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Sometimes your metabolic processes are interrupted, that confuses your body’s need to take in calories and its ability to use them. appetite loss will quickly result in weight loss, fatigue, and malnutrition.

6) Abnormal Stool

Abnormal Stool : liver cancer symptoms

When there is a problem with drainage in one’s biliary system, the quality of one’s stool changes.

With a tumour(s) in the liver inflicting liver function to be compromised, bile salts that are ordinarily released into stools by this organ, so giving it the standard brown hue, are not present in it.

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this provides the stool a pale, white or chalky look. whereas this might occur every once in a while in healthy people too, frequent recurrence of such abnormal stool ought to be taken as a symptom that liver cancer may be potent in the body.

7) Itching In Skin

Itching In Skin : liver cancer symptoms

There are many reasons why liver cancer may cause itching in a suffering individual. One, of course, is that the presence of cancerous tumors in the body naturally dehydrates it, thus inflicting dry skin and itching.

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Alternately, the increased quantity of bilirubin in the system that causes Jaundice is also related to the development of an itch.

8) Nausea

Nausea : liver cancer symptoms


It normally comes with a loss of appetite or abdominal swelling, however, nausea may also show up before the other symptoms of liver cancer.

As your liver loses function, it fails to filter out all the toxic by-products of your regular metabolism, and people will build-up to cause a vague feeling of sickness or more pronounced nausea.

As the build-up continues, nausea will worsen, turning into vomiting and severe loss of appetite.

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In other cases, the tumor on the liver can produce certain hormones that cause high blood calcium levels (called hypercalcemia), which can cause nausea and other digestive distress.

9) Unexplained Weight Loss

Weight Loss : liver cancer symptoms

With the appetite decreasing and also the energy demands of the body increasing (for the upkeep of malignant cells), there’s a disjunction between the body’s want and an individual’s nutritive supply. This results in fast and unintended weight loss during a span of some months.

10) Fatigue and Weakness

Fatigue : liver cancer symptoms

As with many types of cancer, weakness and fatigue are usually the first signs of a deeper problem. generally, cancer itself interferes with your metabolism and energy stores, however managing the pain and discomfort of different symptoms also can leave you feeling exhausted.

Fatigue is more than feeling tired: this can be once you get up feeling unrested and still struggle with a heavy, tired feeling throughout the day.

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Several patients claim they’re too tired to manage their daily tasks, and eventually, they stop doing the things they enjoy.

Fatigue is mental as well as physical, and at times you’ll notice it difficult to concentrate or recall information.

11) Vomiting

vomiting and nausea : liver cancer symptoms

The presence of tumors in the liver could incite spells vomiting in people very often, particularly after meals.

Given the important role the liver plays in the digestive process when it’s unable to perform its metabolic function properly, the consequence is commonly present as such.


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