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11 Pre-Diabetes Signs and Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

(Last Updated On: April 6, 2018)

Pre diabetes is a stage of developing diabetes. people in this condition have blood glucose levels considerably higher than normal.

It may be hard to believe, however, the statistics show that around 1 / 4 of Americans are at this pre-diabetes stage.

it’s far from inevitable that somebody with pre diabetes is going to become a diabetic. With changes in diet and exercise, and if necessary, certain medications, it’s possible to stop people with diabetes developing.

Given the serious health risks that individuals with diabetes pose it is well worthwhile to keep a look out for pre-diabetic signs and take the necessary action.

here is the 11 signs and symptoms of Pre diabetics you shouldn’t ignore :

1) Blood sugar levels

Blood sugar levels : pre diabetes symptoms

These are the prime indicator of whether or not an individual has pre-diabetics.

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) defines a pre-diabetic as somebody with a blood glucose level of 100-125 mg/dl (measured after fasting).

Some specialists argue that it’s possible to notice signs of pre-diabetics even in blood glucose levels below 100 mg/dl. someone who is overweight or has a history of diabetics in their family should frequently take blood tests.

Research proves that overweight individuals are more in danger and there is also a strong genetic element.

2) Regularly feeling exhausted

Regularly feeling exhausted : pre diabetes symptoms

Anyone living busy life may think exhaustion a normal price to pay for living such a busy life, however, the exhaustion related to pre diabetics is of a different dimension.

Busy people naturally become tired, however, with pre-diabetics, the tiredness comes on without any obvious link to physically demanding activities.

Even when this person takes a good rest, their fatigue refuses to go away and continues all day long.

they’re more probably than others to doze off after a meal, and this may even happen while they sit in their chair at work or participate in a meeting.

All of these occurrences can be linked to unusually high blood glucose levels.

3) Cuts and grazes take longer to heal

Cuts and grazes take longer to heal : pre diabetes symptoms

Human has a natural mechanism that quickly heal the cuts and grazes. in the pre-diabetic stage, this feature of human biology not works so efficiently.

Pay attention if that wound is taking much longer than normal to heal. first of all, check if it has become infected.

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however if this is not the case, the possibility will increase that the healing mechanism is adversely affected by high blood glucose levels.

4) Mood changes

Mood changes : pre diabetes symptoms

A healthy blood glucose level contributes to the individual’s mental well-being in addition to their physical health.

The regular onset of depression is another comparatively common Pre diabetes symptoms that should not be missed.

This low cannot be connected to the troubles and stress of life that trigger depression in physically healthy people.

One moment this person feels fine so without any obvious cause they fall into a deep depression.

5) Vision Problem

Vision Problem : pre diabetes symptoms

Someone who has entered the pre-diabetes stage may also notice the onset of certain vision issues. for example, their eyesight would possibly become a little blurred, and they start to have difficulties seeing in the dark.

This understandably is horrifying, and it also poses the real danger if somebody drives a good deal.

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Everybody understands how eyesight will change with the passage of your time therefore maybe all it needs to resolve this problem is a new set of spectacles, however, the pre-diabetics chance also must be investigated.

6) Increase in Weight

Increase in Weight : pre diabetes symptoms

Nobody is shocked when somebody who is a little too fond of their food starts to gain weight, however pre-diabetes also results in weight gains with no overeating.

Reducing on calories and taking a lot of exercise are the plain steps to require in this scenario however if pre-diabetics is the cause of the weight gain, it makes it much tougher to lose this extra weight.

There is a direct relationship between the amount of fat in the body and a rise in blood glucose counts.

7) Frequent Urination

 Frequent Urination : pre diabetes symptoms

A healthy person might have to urinate themselves 3 or 4 times a day however you can urinate more frequently if pre-diabetes develop.

Drinking a great deal of tea or coffee also has a similar impact, however, if this happens without these artificial stimuli, pre-diabetics diagnosis becomes more probable.

Therefore keep a note of any change from regular urination patterns and get a blood test to resolve any doubts.

8) Digestive System Not Work Properly

Digestive System Not Work Properly : pre diabetes symptoms

Pre-diabetes also can have an effect on the workings of the digestive system.

Typical effects include obtaining stomach aches more often than normal and a rise in incidents of heartburn, particularly during the night.

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These all symptoms indicate that you have pre diabetes, if you experience these symptoms consult with your doctor.

9) Powerful hunger and thirst

Powerful hunger and thirst : pre diabetes symptoms

People with pre diabetics are fell much more thirsty and hungry than normal.

Obviously, if somebody is out jogging on a hot day the rise in physical activity suggests that they need to drink more, however, if they drink sufficiently and still be thirsty, they need good grounds for suspicions.

The same applies if they see that their hunger remains unabated after a good meal. Good Obe=servation of food and drink intake help you to detect prediabetes in time.

For example, if somebody not involved in sports or any other energy-consuming activity has to drink 3 or more liters of water per day they need grounds for concern.

Also, pay note to cravings for sugary foods as this is another common pre-diabetes indicator.

10) Joints Pain

Joints Pain : pre diabetes symptoms

Somebody who feels terribly stiff when they wake up every morning and suffers from continuous joint and muscle pains in the course of the day this is a sign of pre diabetes, it’s vitally important to be tested for prediabetes.

11) Skin Darkness

skin darkness : pre diabetes symptoms

Dark skin patches with a thick, velvety texture are signs and symptoms of pre diabetes and the condition by which this happen in known as acanthosis nigricans.

if you are experiencing this type of skin condition talk to your doctor.


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