pain in abdominal : stomach cancer symptoms

11 Common Stomach Cancer Symptoms And Signs

(Last Updated On: February 6, 2018)

Most of the time when Someone suffers from cancer, the diagnosis happens quite late. And with a Disease like stomach cancer, this is way too common. the first stomach cancer symptoms and signs are thus subtle that they overlap with minor ailments like acidity, constipation, etc., and are usually overlooked.

Hence, it would be late by the time you reach out to a doctor, particularly because the symptoms could be managed with over the counter medication.
Here are 11 Stomach Cancer Symptoms you need to know :

1) Pain in the Upper Abdomen

pain in abdominal : stomach cancer symptoms

Unfortunately, stomach pain doesn’t always show a lot of symptoms in its earliest stages. Therefore, Stomach cancer is not diagnosed until it is often much later in its progression, which creating treatment harder. One of the early warning signs of stomach cancer is usually abdominal pain and multiple levels of discomfort often present right on top of the navel.

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This area isn’t always sensitive to the touch but could develop more into a painful feeling, which might also generally be caused by a build-up of fluid in the upper abdomen. This pain could come and go, starting from dull to extremely severe.

2) Indigestion or Heartburn

Indigestion or Heartburn : stomach cancer symptoms

Feeling queasy or having an acid reflux after a heavy meal is normal. Antacid will take care of it and provides you relief some time. however if the symptoms persist beyond two to three months and come back almost after every meal, it’s a signal of danger. it’s better to go for a checkup.

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The cause of reflux is due to a tumor growing in the stomach. A stomach tumor produces enzymes on its own that interfere with digestion. If the tumor grows in size, it can also block the food from passing to the small intestine, hence the reflux.

3) Feeling Sick in General

feeling sick : stomach cancer symptoms

A person suffering from stomach cancer might find that they are becoming ill more and more usually. while the immune system is trying to fight away the cancerous cells, it leaves the body susceptible to other diseases, includes less serious conditions just like the common cold or the stomach flu.

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If you find that you just are getting sick more usually than normal, along with any of the other symptoms of stomach cancer, then an appointment should be created as soon as possible. while there are many other reasons that might be the culprit behind this symptom, this can be always one thing to take seriously, particularly when it lasts for more than two weeks.

4) Lack of Appetite

Loss of Appetite : stomach cancer symptoms

Usually, patients suffering from stomach cancer can undergo a loss of appetite. Because of gastrointestinal implications of this condition, it’s very typical that it’ll leave the individual without a real need to eat, usually not experiencing what feels like real hunger for many days at a time.

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Of course, people may go a few days while not feeling like eating without any serious condition behind it all, however, it might be warning signs of stomach cancer. A loss of weight may also be another direct result, that is one more Symptom of Stomach Cancer, particularly when no lifestyle change is involved.

5) Blood in Intestine Movements

Blood in Intestine Movements : stomach cancer symptoms

A common symptom of stomach cancer is blood which will be found during bowel movements. when the stomach or its lining may be bleeding, this blood will usually drain from this area into bowel movements, which may take on almost a black coloring.

Now, stool can also take on a darker hue if a person’s diet is rich in iron, or if they’re taking iron supplements and blood in the stool is a sign that everything in and around your bowel isn’t fine.

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Generally, because the tumor grows it should press on the surrounding blood vessels penetrate them and cause bleeding, thus this is often not always a direct indicator of stomach cancer. However, finding blood in the stool is a bit scary, thus it’s always best to see a doctor as soon as possible.

6) Feeling Full After Eating a Small Meal

Feeling Full After Eating a Small Meal : stomach cancer symptoms

Your appetite will change for several reasons, however, if you develop a sense of aversion towards food and feel full once eating a few bits, don’t ignore the sign.

If there is a tumor growing in your belly, it will impede the food and stop it from passing to the small intestine.

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It may also cause you to feel swollen. it’s not always a direct indicator of stomach cancer. This symptom can also be a sign of gastrointestinal problems or even the stomach flu. However, if you’re experiencing one or 2 other symptoms, then you ought to make an appointment with a healthcare professional.

7) Vomiting And Nausea

vomiting and nausea : stomach cancer symptoms

Typically, when you vomit, you bring up the contents of partly digested previous meals. frequent nausea, gag reflux and throwing up tiny chunks of food that you might have consumed just a few minutes back are warning signs of stomach cancer. this might be due to a tumor that’s obstructing the passage of food.

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However, there is all manner of reasons to feel sick to one’s stomach, including the flu or just from eating greasy food. It doesn’t always directly indicate stomach cancer. However, when including multiple other symptoms, one ought to definitely schedule an appointment with a doctor so that the appropriate tests may be completed.

8)  Weakness

weakness : stomach cancer symptoms

Feeling tired is a very broad symptom of Stomach cancer, and this feeling will definitely be caused by a myriad of conditions. you’ll have had a rather rough week or work, or that new baby could also be keeping you awake all hours of the night.

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However, when you are sleeping sufficiently, and you haven’t taken on a lot of activities than normal, feeling a lot of tired than normal can be a warning sign of stomach cancer. when someone has stomach cancer, they’ll have a reduction in their red blood cells (anemia), which will definitely take down the energy level a notch.

9) Low Grade Fever

low grade fever : stomach cancer symptoms

Fever is usually an outcome of an infection present in the body. With a malignancy growing in the stomach, it’s possible that you experience recurrent episodes of low-grade fever. Fatigue and fever along with the other symptoms like heartburn ought to make you worry about your health real bad, it’s always best to visit a doctor as soon as possible.

10) Problems in swallowing

Problems in swallowing : stomach cancer symptoms

Difficulty in swallowing is another symptom of stomach cancer, though it appears that it’s not as prevalent as many of the more common warning signals. owing to many of the gastrointestinal problems, as well as the acid and the liquid within the stomach, it will cause the actual problem with swallowing, as well as the appearance and feeling of not being able to swallow, although the action will happen.

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When this happens, it’s best to not try and force the throat to swallow, however, to try to moisten it with throat lozenges or even cough drops. And after all, a health care professional will run tests to examine if this is, in fact, a symptom of a serious disease, like stomach cancer.

11) Blood In Your Vomit

Blood In Your Vomit : stomach cancer symptoms

Blood in your vomit is a symptom of stomach cancer and demands a visit to your Doctor, If the blood is in your vomit, it’s more likely to look bright red, and it’s going to have a rough “coffee grounds” texture because it’s been partly digested.


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