Blurred Vision : symptoms of type 2 diabetes

9 Common Signs And Symptoms Of Type 2 Diabetes

(Last Updated On: January 17, 2018)

Type 2 diabetes is a chronic disease which will cause blood sugar (glucose) to be above normal. many people don’t feel symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

However, common symptoms do exist and being able to recognize them is very important. Most symptoms of type 2 diabetes occur when blood sugar levels are abnormally high.

Here is the 9 Most Common signs and symptoms of type 2 diabetes :

1) Frequent or Increased Urination

Frequent Urination : symptoms of type 2 diabetes

When there is excess glucose present in the blood, like type 2 diabetes, the kidneys react by flushing it out of the blood and into the urine.

This leads to more urine production and the need to urinate more frequently, as well as an increased risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) in men and women. people with type 2 diabetes are twice as possible to get a UTI as people without the disease, and the risk is More in women than in men.

If you notice you have to go to the toilet more usually than you used to — including perhaps desperate to get up every few hours throughout the night to urinate — and you appear to be producing more urine when you do go, see your doctor about whether you’ll have type 2 diabetes. Frequent urination is also a symptoms of Bladder cancer.

2) Increased Thirst or a Dry Mouth

dry mouth : symptoms of type 2 diabetes

High blood glucose sets up a domino effect of types within your body. High blood sugar results in increased production of urine and also the need to urinate more usually.

Frequent urination causes you to lose plenty of fluid and become dehydrated. Consequently, you develop a dry mouth and feel thirsty more often. If you notice that you are drinking more than usual, or that your mouth usually feels dry and you’re feeling thirsty more usually, these might be symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

3) Unexpected Weight Loss

weight loss : symptoms of type 2 diabetes

When you have type 2 diabetes, your cells do not get enough glucose, which can cause you to lose weight. Also, if you’re urinating more frequently because of uncontrolled diabetes, you’ll lose more calories and water, leading to weight loss. Weight Loss is also a symptoms of Liver cancer.

4) Feeling Hungry

feeling hungry : symptoms of type 2 diabetes


People with type 2 diabetes have insulin resistance, which implies the body cannot use insulin properly to help glucose get into the cells. In people with type 2 diabetes, insulin doesn’t work well in muscle, fat, and other tissues, thus your pancreas (the organ that creates insulin) starts to put out a lot more of it to try and compensate. “This leads to high insulin levels in the body,” This insulin level sends signals to the brain that your body is hungry.

5) Foot Pain and Numbness

foot pain : symptoms of type 2 diabetes

Over time, a continued exposure to high blood sugar will harm the nerves throughout the body — a condition called diabetic neuropathy.

Some people might not have any symptoms of the damage, while others could notice numbness, tingling, or pain in the extremities. “At the start, [diabetic neuropathy] usually starts in the feet then it progresses upward,” although most common in people who have had type 2 diabetes for 25 years or more, it will occur in people who have prediabetes as well. Visit Link To Know About Metformin (Medicine Which Control Diabetes).

In some studies, nearly 50 % of unexplained peripheral neuropathy [in the extremities], whether painful or otherwise, seems to be caused by prediabetes or diabetes.

6) Frequent Infections

Frequent Infections : symptoms of type 2 diabetes

As both yeast and bacteria produce faster when blood sugar levels are raised, women with diabetes are overall at a higher risk of feminine health problems, like yeast infections, and vaginal thrush, bacterial infections particularly when blood sugar is not well controlled. And a lack of awareness regarding having prediabetes or diabetes will make managing blood sugar impossible.

In men and women, foot infections also are a common symptom, because the disease will damage the architecture of the foot, together with the skin, blood vessels, and nerves. however, foot problems are sometimes seen more frequently in those with advanced diabetes.

7) Blurred Vision

Blurred Vision : symptoms of type 2 diabetes

The lens of the eye is a flexible membrane suspended by muscles that adjust the shape of the lens to focus the eye. during a high-sugar environment, like with uncontrolled type 2 diabetes, the lens’s ability to bend is altered. though the lens isn’t damaged, the muscles of the eye need to work harder to focus.

Blurred vision happens when there are fast changes in blood sugar — from low to high or high to low — and the eye muscles have not yet adapted to it, Einhorn says. Blurred vision is one of the first warning symptoms of type 2 diabetes. The body later adapts to the sugar levels, and your vision can return to normal.

8) Fatigue And Weakness

fatigue : symptoms of type 2 diabetes

Many people feel run down and do not understand that their chronic exhaustion is related to blood sugar problems. The symptoms of fatigue are simply covert with a mocha latte. Starbucks has a booming business, in part due to the ever-expanding population of tired, weak people with insulin resistance (and no wallet resistance).

When the glucose from your meals cannot get into your cells, your cells cannot build energy, therefore you are feeling tired all the time. not to mention that exasperating sense of hunger when you just ate a little while ago. what is up with that? If glucose from your meals is held out of your cells, you never get the energy boost or that satisfying sense of fullness after you eat. Fatigue and Weakness is also a symptoms of many types of  cancer like liver cancer, Stomach Cancer , and Gallbladder cancer .

9) Skin problems

skin problems : symptoms of type 2 diabetes

Spots of dark skin within the folds and creases of their bodies—commonly in the underarms, knuckles, and groin in the symptoms of type 2 diabetes. It nearly seems like dirt, except you can’t wash it off. generally, it looks velvety or rough.

There could also be skin tags around these darkened hyper-pigmented areas. This condition, known as acanthosis nigricans, could be a sign of insulin resistance. It means your body is manufacturing too much insulin in response to excessive blood glucose. Skin problems or pimples on skin is also a sign of skin cancer.


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